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At Vived Spa, our facials are designed for each individual based on their current skin condition and concerns. Your initial appointment will include a complimentary consultation. To help you understand your current skin condition we ask you to bring your current skin care products. And help you understand how their ingredients may be affecting you. We will focus on your skin care concerns and advise you on the ingredients and services that will be key to achieve your desired results. Facials are designed to improve the overall health of the skin. With all facials your skin will be precisely cleaned, exfoliated and the natural oils and water in your skin are properly balanced. Leaving the skin healthy and glowing for weeks. Please note: extractions are included in all facials. All facials are created for men and women.
Facials Vived Signature Facial – 90 min Indulge! This signature facial is the ultimate experience! This unique facial includes the best elements from our Anti-Aging, Microdermabrasion, and Tranquility facials. It utilizes more than one exfoliation and more than one mask for ultimate results. Once you feel this luxurious facial, you’ll never settle for less. Clarifying Facial – 60 min An effective treatment that is calming, hydrating and beautifying, leaving the skin firm, refreshed and healthy. The treatment consists of extractions and application of the clarifying ampoule followed by a special mask. Expect a healthier and clearer complexion. Pumpkin Facial – 60 min The Pumpkin Spice Facial removes dead skin dirt and debris. Gentle thorough extractions leave your skin clean and smooth. The vitamins from the pumpkin will nourish and hydrate your skin. Your skin will be healthy, look radiant and glow. Ideal for all skin types especially mature skin – strength may vary based on your skin’s condition. Tranquility Facial – 60 min Ultimate relaxation. Experience the difference of an ancient art aromatherapy in which selected pure essential oils, flowers, herbs and fruits are carefully selected leaving the skin silkier and better toned. Relax to a deeply aromatic face, scalp, neck, décolleté, shoulders, and forearms massage. This facial is a recipe for a well balanced mind and spirit.
PURE 24K GOLD FACIALS Pure 24K Gold Facial - 90 Min This "Pure 24K Gold Facial" begins with preparing the skin with our organic cleansers and custom enzyme peel for the best result, and then applying a 24-karat gold leaf mask. Using steam to induce the golds penetration, while our organic serum is masseged into the gold. Ending with a 24k gold moisturizer. This 24K Gold facial has been featured all over the media. Extra is one of many shows that has talked about this must have treatment. Platinum Facial - 90 Min In the esthetic industry PLATINUM has become a breakthrough facial treatment. It is known as the best anti-aging ingredient in Japan. Platinum has the redox reaction (oxidation-reduction reactions). With one treatment only, you'll notice that how the precious natural minerals in platinum and gold nurture you skin.
Gold in Skin Care dates back to ancient times. Ancient Ayurvedic testaments state that Gold imparts radiance to the Skin and has anti-aging effects. The use of Gold was the secret behind the beauty of Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. She would use a gold mask nightly to activate the power of gold for a youthful and fresh appearance fit to a Queen. The gold facial has been re-introduced as a new way of skin treatments by using sheets of pure gold. Benifits: This treatment helps to lift and firm the skin and fights against inflammation by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 24K Gold Facial lightens, brightens and leaves your skin hydrated. It also leaves you with a golden tone that lasts for 28 days.
Anti-Aging Facial - 60 min The most advanced defense in anti-aging, this facial lavishes your skin with pure caviar, pearl and revolutionary botanical extracts that are layered together to instantly improve skin firmness and soothing away fine lines and wrinkles, followed by a mineral mask that leaves the skin visibly improved. Hydrating Facial – 60 min A triple-layer treatment to provide intense hydration. An ampoule rich in vitamins and essential oils is massaged in followed by a hydrating mask. While changes of the mask occur, the ampoule is naturally penetrated leaving the skin repaired, moisturized and radiant. Specially recommended for deeply damaged and stressed skin. Cranberry Enzyme Facial - 60 min The European facial implements techniques, which have been used for decades. Natural cranberry enzymes gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and radiant. Specific serum and mask are chosen based on the particular needs of you skin. Scented blends are used for face, neck and shoulders. Your hands and forearms will be massaged with collagen milk for added relaxation. Gentlemen’s Facial – 60 min A complete fitness facial for men’s skin, formulated with products containing ingredients to prevent razor burn and sensitivities. Includes full facial with shoulder, neck and face massage.